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Career Technical Education Pathways

A Career Technical Education (CTE) pathway is a sequence of two or more CTE courses within a student’s area of career interest. The sequencing usually consists of a Level 1 course (introductory), a Level 2 course (concentrator), and a Level 3 course (capstone). Knowledge and skills are practiced, honed, and deepened throughout the course of a pathway. Exposure to industry and work-based learning opportunities increase as students progress. Pathways provide students opportunities to explore and prepare for careers while in high school. Students leave a pathway with industry certifications, alignment or connections to colleges, and sometimes even with college credit. 

All CTE courses in our pathways support the Common Core and CTE Model Curriculum Standards. Learning rigorous academic skills, especially in English Language Arts and Mathematics, are an integral part of each CTE course outline and competencies. These skills help our students put English Language Arts and Mathematics to work in a real-world, hands-on environment they can relate to. The CTE Standards were created with assistance from more than 300 representatives from business, industry, postsecondary, and secondary education and reviewed by nearly 1000 members of the general public. These standards are rigorous, evidence-based, relevant, and reasonable in scope: CTE Model Curriculum Standards

In addition to pathway standards, there are 11 Anchor Standards that are common across all CTE industry sectors. They are built on Career Ready Practices, and are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

CTE Knowledge and Performance Anchor Standards

01.  Academics

02.  Communications

03.  Career Planning and Management

04.  Technology

05.  Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

06.  Health and Safety

07.  Responsibility and Flexibility

08.  Ethics and Legal Responsibilities

09.  Leadership and Teamwork

10.  Technical Knowledge and Skills

11.  Demonstration and Application


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