SHHS Students to NASA!

August 8, 2017

St. Helena High School Computer Science students traveled to NASA Ames Research, Mountain View at the end of the 16-17 school year. John Harrington, instructor, says "It was obvious that each of these specialists had invested a tremendous amount of time developing clear and substantive presentations for my students. Each one clearly explained the technology the kids were viewing, their personal backgrounds and how they got to their current positions and then spent time offering them career advice. It was very impressive."



Below is a summary of what the students experienced:


Dr. Josette Marrero

NASA Atmospheric Research Team

Students view two jet fighter fuel tanks that her team has rebuilt to act instead as sensors.


Arwen Dave, ME, SE, PM

NASA Mars Rover Chasis Development

Everything built at NASA is a prototype – the objects have never existed before. They showed the students the process their teams members go through to take a concept, such as the next Mars Rover visible on her screen, and  bring it to the final stage of actually building it.


Emmett Quigley ARC-SSA Engineer

Students view a demonstration of the machinery building segments of the prototypes.


Bruce Felt

Director of the Worlds Largest Simulator

Every astronaut comes to this simulator for their training. Their names are on the wall behind the students. In order to maximize a real life experience for the pilots, this simulator moves in 6 dimensions. It falls and climbs a matter of 60 ft. in a split second. Bruce scheduled a simulation to occur while he had  them stand in a glass viewing room listening to the pilot and command center communicate.


Mike Graham ME

Mike explained to the students very clearly how a wind tunnel works, and then brought them into the worlds 2nd largest wind tunnel, where they were testing the shell of an Osprey.

FYI: The worlds largest wind tunnel is next to this wind tunnel.


As the  students ate lunch, they met and listened to Dr. Nic Scott Astrophysicist. He is the NASA authority on finding exoplanets.


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