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Animal Science  |  Instructor: Natalie Sanchez
Level 1: Agricultural Biology (UC biology ‘d’ lab credit)
Level 2: Animal Science (UC ‘g’ elective credit)
Level 2: Agriculture and Soil Chemistry (UC chemistry ‘d’ lab credit)
Level 3: Veterinary Science (UC ‘d' lab credit, 'g’ elective credit)
A four-year program designed for students who are interested in careers in agriculture and animal care. Students in the pathway are enrolled in FFA, providing further business and leadership skills.
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Automotive Technology  |  Instructor: Tom Dougherty
Level 1: Automotive Technology 1
Level 2: Advanced Automotive Technology
This two-year pathway is designed to meet the Automotive Service Excellence standards, preparing students for careers in the automotive industry. Students are exposed to business and entrepreneurship as well as the operation and construction of the principal components of the automobile through projects and hands-on learning experiences that prepare them for post-secondary education and entry to a career.
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Business  |  Instructor: Dylan Leach
Level 1: Choices: College & Career (UC ‘g’ elective credit & articulates to NVC)
Level 2: Business Management and Entrepreneurship (UC ‘g’ elective credit)
This Business Management pathway assists students in obtaining the skills and resources for effective career, educational, and life planning. Through projects, job simulations, and work-based learning activities, students explore who they are, what their options are, and prepare for their path after high school. The pathway highlights marketing and management, preparing students for a variety of careers in business, marketing, and management.
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Culinary Arts & Hospitality  |  Instructor: Derek McClintick
Level 1: Culinary Arts 1
Level 2: Farm to Table (UC ‘g’ elective credit)
Level 3: Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management 3 (UC ‘g’ elective credit & articulates to NVC)
In this three-year pathway students learn cooking skills and techniques. They also discover how to create meals within Napa County’s food growing seasons, and are introduced to basic organic gardening techniques. The pathway operates as a catering business, allowing students to gain real work-place experience.
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Multimedia Production  |  Instructor: John Paul Castillo
Level 1: Multimedia Productions 1 (UC ‘f’ fine arts credit)
Level 2: Advanced Multimedia Productions (UC ‘f’ fine arts credit)
This new pathway prepares students for careers in various fields of multimedia production. Students gain knowledge and skills in game design, animation, graphics, video production, virtual reality, interactive media, app development, and more. Students use Adobe programs as well as other computer software and hardware. Cutting edge resources are used for cross-curricular connections with English Language Arts, Math, Printing and Graphics, and other academics. 
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Printing & Graphics  |  Instructor: Shawn Sandahl
Level 1: Graphic Design and Printing Arts Intro (UC ‘f’ fine arts credit)
Level 2: Advanced Graphic Design & Printing Arts (UC ‘f’ fine arts credit)
The two-year pathway provides a hands-on environment focusing on the elements and principles of artistic design, the design process, and the global history of printing techniques. The pathway offers a variety of printing processes including layout and design, offset and block printing, silkscreen printing, and papermaking. Level two students run a fully operational print shop as a business providing services to our schools and community.
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Woodworking  |  Instructor: Brady Mitchell
Level 1: Woodworking I (UC ‘g’ elective credit)
Level 2: Wood Design & Sculpture (UC ‘f’ fine arts credit)
Design and build structures in this two-year pathway. First, students are introduced to woodworking tools and techniques and the building and construction trades in which they are used. Next, they practice with construction technology and learn fine arts sculpture and design. Use power tools, learn how to build furniture, and gain confidence in your abilities. Associated occupations include carpenter, cabinetmaker, and woodworking engineer/drafter (CAD).
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